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Providing the latest news about Gross National Happiness USA & our projects, what’s happening in the broader GNH movement, and essays on how we can grow our personal and collective happiness.


Envision Podcast

Beyond GDP – new metrics for a more inclusive future, Envision podcast

Inspiring podcast discussion about Gross National Happiness GNHUSA co-founders, Paula Francis and Ginny Sassaman discuss…

George Lewis

GNH special guest talk by George Lewis – January 18th

Discover what’s happening in Vermont and Nationally. Vermont Happiness Study, Happiness Walk research project, Charter…

Exciting Night in Wisconsin!

On a cold dark night in late November, a stalwart group of gross national happiness…

Conferences Affirm: GNHUSA Is On The Right Track

In October, GNHUSA Board member Michael Moser and I had the good fortune to attend…

Costa Rica: Lessons for a Happy, Sustainable Future

Here at GNHUSA, one of our favorite people is Nic Marks, creator of the Happy…

Organizing our news

Each news article and post fits in at least one of the following 3 topics

  • Serious About Happiness

    • GNHUSA related blog posts and essays from diverse contributors
    • Thoughtful explorations of gross national happiness issues and questions, including the interplay between community and individual well being.
  • GNHUSA News

    • GNHUSA produced news and announcements
    • Independent multi-media coverage of our work
    • Happiness Walk reports
  • Inspiring News

    • Gross National Happiness (GNH) Movement – relevant research, opinion pieces and activities
    • News from our partners
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