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Laura MusikanskiLaura Musikanski is executive director the Happiness Alliance ( Laura was an invited participant at the 2012 UN High Level Meeting Well-being and Happiness: Defining a New Economic Paradigm as well as the 2017 Dialogue for Global Happiness held in Dubai as part of the World Government Summit, among many other collaborative events supporting the happiness movement. The Happiness Alliance is a deeply grassroots volunteer project that captured Laura’s heart when working in the sustainability field. Before co-founding the Happiness Alliance, she was the executive director of Sustainable Seattle and a sustainability director for a national environmental consulting firm. The focus of her career is sustainability indicators with the belief that you get what you measure, and that it’s time to measure and manage for the happiness, well-being and resilience of people and the planet. Laura is the author of two books, ”How to Account for Sustainability: a guide to measuring and managing.” and “Decoding Sustainability,” and many articles published in journals, including a series in the Journal for Social Change that together are a white paper on the happiness movement. She deeply believes in the need and importance of grassroots activism (also “bottom-up approach”) for social change. For this reason, her life purpose is to help provide the tools and resources, including the Happiness Index to individuals and communities around the world. By training, Laura is a lawyer who holds an MBA and certificates in environmental management from the University of Washington, where she also taught sustainability reporting for the MBA program.

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