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Happiness Walker

Paula Francis

Paula Francis, along with others who join her, is crossing a big country with walking shoes and a recorder, reporting on happiness and what matters most in life.

She walks because the policies and practices of our systems, institutions and our government ought to uphold our basic right – and that of future generations – to the pursuit of happiness. When our measures of progress and success are not aligned, individuals, our humanity, and the planet suffer.

The Happiness Walk is a project of GNHUSA. We are collecting thousands of interviews from people all around the country to uncover our core common values. What we are finding just may surprise you.

The Happiness Walk has discovered that, contrary to what we may hear in traditional media, we are mostly very much alike – we value the same things!


* People have deep wisdom to share,
* Most of us are seeking unification,
* Listening is as important as the answers themselves, and
* Most agree we can do better to support what we value.

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