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Gross National Happiness USA is part of the growing global happiness movement to put happiness and wellbeing at the center of our decision-making and policy discussions. Many efforts to implement policy guided by wellbeing measures are underway in the US and around the globe.

Happiness Movement

The Happiness and Wellbeing Movement seeks to nurture and support this new thinking — and action — by providing a framework for informed decision making at both the personal and systemic levels.

Systems Change

Fundamentally, we are proposing a new endgame. Rather than base policy and individual choice on a Gross National Product paradigm with its insistent focus on money, growth and materialism, we propose instead a more encompassing Gross National Happiness paradigm, which includes many factors that support true wellbeing for all people and the planet.

This is a big, exciting job. GNH offers us a path toward a sustainable happy future — but there is a lot of work to do! We need all hands on deck to steer our lives and our planet in a better direction.

News from the Movement
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