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The Happiness Walk Heads East!

GNHUSA Board members Liz MacGahan and Ginny Sassaman join Paula Francis for the Walk in May, the last day of walking north.

Starting in August 2012, the Happiness Walk has headed South, West, and North, arriving in Seattle in May 2018. Today, July 25, Paula Francis is back in Seattle where she is turning East! Paula’s plan for summer is to take “a short walk over the Cascades,” as only this intrepid walker could describe it! In September, she’ll pick up again, with a goal of arriving in Salt Lake City by Thanksgiving. The big picture plan is to walk into Boston by September 2019 — though, as Paula herself notes, “there are many snow-covered months and mountains hindering a speedier completion, and I’m not getting any younger!”

All along the way, Paula will continue asking, “What matters most in life?” All the responses — from South, West, North and East — will be valuable data, guiding the Gross National Happiness movement forward, as we work to make well-being for all the new bottom line.

Find ways to get involved and/or follow the Walk’s progress on Facebook, Twitter, or right here on the Happiness Walk page of this website. Just one more year to go of this amazing project! Don’t miss out!


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