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Something Magical Happened – What’s Next

Well, that’s it! I arrived in Boston on November 2nd, greeted by family and friends, after walking 10,000 miles over the course of seven years. Gifted with the unique opportunity to see this beautiful country at 3 mph, I savored the wonder and distinct character of 32 states while meeting thousands of people with diverse backgrounds to ask one important question, “What matters most in life?”

Something magical happened

“You know you can get there faster if you drive a car or ride a bike”?, people frequently teased. They were right to point out the obvious. But something magical happened while walking which encouraged people to open their doors to provide shelter, then open their hearts to share their stories. The purpose of the Happiness Walk was never to get anywhere fast, but to be wherever I was to observe and listen. And you were heard!

So what was learned?

That’s the new 10,000-mile question and why I write today. Some responses clearly rise to the top, such as the importance of our social connectedness. However, the next step is to fully analyze the interviews to determine all of what was shared. The results will be the foundation upon which GNHUSA crafts tools for decision-makers so as to encourage policies supportive of our collective values. That’s BIG work! But what could be more important than to show how much we value the same things, especially at a time when media projects us as a divided nation?

Big results are possible when we work together

YOU can be part of creating this positive change! With your support, we can put this important analysis on the fast track! GNHUSA not only has the momentum, we have the amazing research to make a difference – but we need individuals like you to help. I walked the miles, now you can ‘walk your talk’ by making a donation today. Act now … the first 8 people who donate $150 or more will receive a beautiful photographic book “Echoes of Bhutan” by Barry Shaffer.

Please contribute towards this global shift of measuring what matters right here in the USA – where everyone’s happiness matters!

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Donation Total: $50.00

Sincerely and Reimagining,
Paula Francis
GNHUSA President and Happiness Walker


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