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Special News Report on GNHUSA

Across The Fence reports on Gross National Happiness USA

On March 20th, 2018 – The International Day of Happiness, Across The Fence aired a special news report about Gross National Happiness USA and the movement to change how we measure progress and success in order to increase personal happiness and collective wellbeing. The news segment highlights GNHUSA’s work and features three board members (Ginny Sassaman, Michael Moser and Brian Kaminer), along with special guest George H. Lewis.

Vermont Happiness Study

The report shares the great work of the 2017 Vermont Happiness Study done through the Center for Rural Studies (CRS) at the University of Vermont. CRS a nonprofit, fee-for-service research and resource center that works with people and communities to address social, economic, and resource-based challenges. A part of the University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences since 1978, CRS supports the research and teaching missions of the university through its work in applied research, community outreach, program evaluation, and consulting services. CRS is also the US Census Bureau’s State Data Center for Vermont.

Across the Fence

Across the Fence is the longest running daily farm and home television program in the country.
Across the Fence is a 15-minute television program co-produced by University of Vermont Extension and WCAX. The program airs weekdays at 12:10 p.m. on WCAX-TV, Channel 3.

Their program covers a wide range of issues and topics; however, its primary goal is to inform viewers about activities being conducted by University of Vermont faculty, staff and students that benefit viewers and their communities.

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