Gross National Happiness USA is Making Happiness Our New Bottom Line

Charter For Happiness

Charter for Happiness

Calling for economic, environmental, and societal justice by listening to the voices of the people, measuring what matters, and instituting practices and policies that support the conditions of happiness.

Happiness Walk USA

Happiness Walk USA

We walk because the policies and practices of our systems, institutions and our government ought to support and uphold our basic right, and that of future generations, to the pursuit of happiness.

More Happy Work

More Happy Work

We convene conferences, present at events, conduct research, organize dinners and advocate for policy change locally and nationally.

We Learn and Share

Through The Happiness Walk USA, Happiness Surveys and Happiness Dinners, GNHUSA collects narratives about what truly matters to people. This growing library of voices can transform policy and our wellbeing.

We Connect Movements

The idea of measuring wellbeing allows good works to come together under one umbrella. The domains of Gross National Happiness encompass health, environment, governance and more in a sustainable way.

We Inspire Change

We have created The Charter for Happiness to  grow awareness and demonstrate our shared values.

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What is Gross National Happiness?

Why Gross National Happiness?