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Happiness Dinner Guidelines

These guidelines are meant to help stimulate good conversation.

ABOVE ALL, practice good listening, compassion and curiosity.

There are no wrong answers. Use your judgment. Be flexible. Enjoy!

  1. Declare a start to the happiness conversation. Take a few moments of silence to reflect on a time when you were content, happy, at peace.
  2. Identify a facilitator, note-taker and a volunteer to email your discussion summary and photos with ‘serious about happiness’ signs (make ahead of time) to
  3. Share a few words each in a round, about contributing factors to one’s happiness or contentment. Reminder: just listen; avoid comments or discussion.
  4. Pose one question at a time and invite reflections in a round or “popcorn” style. Once everyone who wants to speak has spoken, move on to the next question. Questions 3 and 4 are more for an open group discussion.
    1. What matters most in life? (It’s okay if there are different interpretations to the question.)
    2. What could you do in your personal life or in your community to increase that?
    3. What ‘values’ have been expressed during your conversation?
    4. GNHUSA has conducted interviews across the country and found we mostly have common values. What is a compassionate response with people who express views different from yours?
  5. Encourage all participants to take our Happiness Survey and to sign the Charter for Happiness.

Have fun!

Feel free to contact us with your questions.

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