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The Charter for Compassion Needs You — or at Least, Your Picture!


What does compassion look like? Or more specifically, who does compassion look like?  Is it you?  If so, you just might be the perfect participant for the Charter for Compassion‘s fun new project.  The Charter, with whom is GNHUSA is proud to partner, is asking all of us who want to see more compassion in the world to post our pictures on Twitter.  This, they say, “is an easy way to support the Charter and spread the message of Compassion.”

Every picture posted with the hashtag #FacesOfCompassion and tagged with the name of the sponsor for this project — @zumyn_mosaics — will earn $1.00 for the Charter.  Their goal is 10,000 pictures — including yours?  You can watch the mosaic build, and see all the beautiful faces of compassion here.

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