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World Happiness Summit – Miami 2017 March 17-19

world happiness summit

The organizers of the World Happiness Summit urge us to: 


To a unique, mindful 3-day summit in Miami, the “capital of happiness” to explore the 6 key elements of wellbeing and the unrelenting pursuit of happiness.

The Summit features 50+ speakers including the world’s leading experts in the science of happiness, activists, philosophers, psychologists, spiritual leaders and cultural icons. 10,000+ attendees will gather in Miami Beach to learn about how humankind perceives, seeks and attains happiness.”

World Happiness Summit – Dreaming Bigger

Extraordinary thinkers will take you on a 3-day journey to understand how the 6 key elements of wellbeing —Purpose, Social, Financial, Community, Physical, Mindfulness—shape how we perceive and achieve happiness. Together, we will explore ways of reaching higher levels of consciousness through meditation, introspection, yoga and proactive listening. Our journey will also include mind-awakening forays into realms of food, fitness, life coaching, positive psychology and much more.

This is inspiring news indeed!  Learn more about this upcoming event, March 17 – 19 in Miami, Florida at their website.


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