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Dispatches from the Happiness Walk

14563400_900559323411115_1538798869918995765_nLead Happiness Walker Paula Francis recently sent her GNHUSA colleagues this colorful and upbeat dispatch from Arizona.  We decided to share it with you!

Dear folks:

I just wanted to send an update now that I’ve been out for about a month. I’m writing one week out east of Phoenix in Overgaard, AZ sitting in a fire station where my cyclist friend and I stayed last night. Nic is biking while I walk and she’s helping a ton with logistics!  Her skills being a recreational guide have also been offered should the occasion arise.14573010_900115750122139_856510731154940539_n

Vivian is an old VT friend now living in AZ. She has hosted me and Nic and joined the walk (Walker #61!). She, too, is helping with logistics, connections to possible grants and in-kind hotel accommodations for the walk.

Sue walked 167 miles with me recently (for the 3rd time) and she is planning more walks. She also has helped with logistics and is using her background in the media 14522994_894506500683064_6946131712183727943_nto make contacts. She’s thinking big….Hollywood-style!

Trevor was a host in Albuquerque for several days. He is very interested in GNHUSA and wants to participate. His interest is in taking the interview recordings and making podcasts.  

Ted is a connection from a friend of a previous east-coast host who took me on a tour of the Earthships and Alamo. He began a project in NM building sustainable homes (Earthships-like) for homeless vets (Foxhole Homes) in Alamogordo. He’s interested in using the happiness survey for residents. It’s a new program so the time is perfect.

I did two newspaper interviews: one in Socorro, NM and one in Show Low, AZ. The larger cities aren’t responding :(

I’m trying to post as much as possible but Internet is spotty.

That’s all for now. Hope all is well with all of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Paula Francis

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