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Breaking News: Results Are In for 2017 Vermont Happiness Study!

Results from the 2017 Vermont Happiness study are in, and 78% of Vermonters say they’re happy.  This study, a unique collaboration between Gross National Happiness USA, the Happiness Alliance, the Vermont State Data Center and the Center for Rural Studies, explores Vermonters’ dispositions across 11 life domains including social connectedness, physical health, material well-being and more.  The intent is to provide Vermonters with holistic metrics that compliment traditional indicators and broaden our understanding of factors influencing Vermonters’ overall well-being. Vermont is the only state collecting state-level happiness data.  The 2017 report also compares data from a similar survey in 2013.

We’ll be providing more analysis and updates, but for now, click on the link above and dive deep for more specific information on each domain.

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