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Trust in Government is Essential to Happiness


Division in this country or lack of trust in government?

trust in governmentThis election has shone an inescapably bright light on the divisions in this country. Yet we know from our conversations on the Happiness Walk that we are all much more alike than we are different, that the vast majority of Americans are hopeful and want happiness and well-being for everyone.  They want the best for themselves, their families, our country, and the planet. Another commonality seems to be widespread distrust of government. According to the Gross National Happiness index developed by the Bhutanese, trust in government is one of the nine domains necessary to provide the conditions for widespread happiness.

Redefine how we measure and define success

So how do we collectively — all of us — work towards a government we can trust? That is a big question, The first step is to redefine how we measure and define success. When we have a government that is focused on holistic and interconnected measures of genuine well being for all, rather than the limited and sometimes destructive obsession with a GDP goal post, we are far more likely to have a government trusted by the people.

This is a long term goal, but it can start right here, right now with you!

Take action now

1- Read and add your signature (your voice) to the Charter for Happiness.

2- Share the Charter link with your friends.

3- Be kind, listen to one another, and take a stand for genuine well being for us all.

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