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Live Happy Invites All to Join #HappyActs Celebration

Two smiling women at a Happy Wall.

Photograph by Brian Coats

Help us make the world a happier place.

Live Happy is thrilled to announce our fourth annual #HappyActs campaign! During the entire month of March, in honor of the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness, we will be sharing #HappyActs—small, simple actions you can perform to spread kindness, fun and joy in your community.

First, come visit Each day in March has been given a theme such as “Love” or “Curiosity” to get your wheels turning. We offer daily actionable ideas for how you can share #HappyActs, such as, “Leave an anonymous letter for a co-worker” or “Share your happy song.” Sign up for daily emails (in the month of March) that will provide you with each day’s suggested act of kindness and information on why it’s important. You can also text HAPPYACTS to 82257 for your morning reminder and inspiration.

When you go out and do your #HappyActs with friends and family, make sure to take a picture and post on your social media accounts using #HappyActs. Your posts will automatically go up on our awesome tagboard. Come back often to see how others are spreading happiness.

A global celebration of happiness!

The Happiest Act of all comes on the weekend of March 18, when we begin our celebration of the International Day of Happiness with hundreds of Happiness Walls across the country—and even around the world. The walls create their own kind of joyful atmosphere, with music and dancing and the chance to post how you share happiness. Visit to find out when and where a wall is near you!

Learn how you can host a wall at your school, business or organization and find out how to create your own fantastic wall using one of our Happy Acts Wall Kits. These kits provide everything you need to make your own wall of happiness, including stickers, bracelets, bumper stickers and cards where you and friends can draw and write how you like to share happiness. Get your kids in on the act as well by ordering a HappyActs T-shirt with a smiley face design created by a 6-year-old girl!

Help us make March the happiest month of the year!

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