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Exciting Night in Wisconsin!

Laura Kingston, Kelly Isabelle, Nancy Newman, and Robert Beezat at the first organizing meeting of GNHUSA-Wisconsin with GNHUSA President Ginny Sassaman, second from left.

On a cold dark night in late November, a stalwart group of gross national happiness believers gathered in a cafe just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin — thus marking the beginnings of GNHUSA-Wisconsin. That makes them the first group to organize for coordinated local activities to move the GNH paradigm forward at the grassroots level. So exciting!

For now, the group is exploring the idea of holding a midwestern GNHUSA conference in the spring of 2019, possibly at a local university which has already expressed interest in hosting the event. Next up for this group is a brainstorming mini-retreat in early February.

Wisconsin is not the only area where local groups are in the early stages of forming. Vermont is likely to host a state-focused group in the new year, and there is interest in a North Carolina (Asheville-area) organization as well.

This is a very important stage in the growth of the GNH movement in the United States. We at the national level are eager to facilitate growth at the grassroots level. Are you interested in getting a GNHUSA local group started in your part of the U.S.? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at

And good luck to the Wisconsin crew!

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