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George H. Lewis joins GNHUSA’s advisory board

George LewisWe are pleased to share that George H. Lewis has joined GNHUSA’s advisor board.  George is a world-renowned artist and a global GNH Ambassador. George is regarded as one of the great philosopher polymaths of the modern era as expressed through his art and various mediums including paintings, portraits, photography, sculpture, music, lectures and public speaking, astrology, healing, books and articles. These are helping to shape modern history as they continue to shine light on the human condition and its evolution, giving a fresh perspective on human ideas, as well as, on the vision of global leaders, decision, and changemakers around the world in the 21st century.

Lewis has traveled across, and lived in, more than 80 countries, including large swathes of the middle east, which have impacted his ideas and philosophy. His works are collected by Presidents and heads of state, CEO’s, spiritual and religious leaders, prominent and public figures, celebrities, communities, and nations from all around the world. He has lectured at the United Nations, Harvard, and the MOMA and has served on the executive and/or advisory board of the Ibrahim Family Foundation, the Tannenbaum Foundation, the Gross National Happiness Emissary program, and CERRU, and previously served as a court painter for the Sultan of Oman.


George serves as a champion for the concept of increasing human respect for each other as spiritual beings. He arranges trips to Bhutan from Europe and the United States, as well as to conferences on GNH. He helps organize salons that serve as a window into this new system of metrics, stemming from an old wisdom of harmony. Through speaking engagements at the United Nations and other mediums, George aims to bring people together to co-create new structures that allow for spiritual growth.

Archetypal Astrologer and Healer

George uses his wisdom training and intuition to help people through Astrology on their journey in this lifetime. As an Archetypal Astrologer he uses your natal chart to unveil your purpose on this earth; revealing your soul contract and your past journey that has brought you to this point. The idea is to maximize your potential and live a life rooted in wisdom and confidence, while understanding others through the lens of your soul’s mission.

George is a trained healer in Tibetan Soundbowl Therapy. Tibetan/Bhutanese singing bowls have been used for centuries to reverse the toll that stress has taken on your soul. The range of sounds they create restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind, and soul. Learn more at his healing website Neptune in Pisces.

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