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GNHUSA: The Expanded Road Trip!

Thanks to the intrepid members of the Happiness Walk, GNHUSA has been on and off the road since 2012 – over 4,000 miles worth, on foot!  After a bit of a break, Paula Francis and other walkers will resume this amazing journey in mid-June, starting in Los Angeles and beginning the trek up the West Coast toward Seattle.

Meantime, another GNHUSA board member, Ginny Sassaman took the show on the road in an entirely different way.  She combined a family visit to Wisconsin with multiple opportunities to raise awareness of both personal happiness tools and the need for a GNH paradigm to support societal wellbeing.

In Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha, Sassaman met with a local activist, led a very well attended workshop on “Self Care Tools for Stressful Times,” and reached out to local media.  That resulted in a wide-ranging, hour-long interview on the local public radio station with Greg Berg, the terrific host of WGTD’s “Morning Show” and a thoughtful article on the front page of the Racine Journal Times‘ Local section.

All in all, it was a successful trip – not only on the family front, but also for the well being movement.  In fact, this may be the beginning of many such trips!  Watch for GNHUSA to show up in your home town (on foot or by other conveyance) or, better yet, invite us to join you.  We’re happy to travel to spread the word!


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