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Be Part of Our Happiness Research!

SurveyFor 4,480 miles through 19 states and the District of Columbia, the Happiness Walk has conducted thousands of interviews in a major qualitative research effort to determine, what matters most to Americans.  Those interviews, now being transcribed,* will be analyzed so we can share broadly the first stage of our findings. We see our “Serious About Happiness” research as a critical building block in the Gross National Happiness movement in the United States, as we can use the results to help determine whether the domains system as crafted originally in Bhutan will fit the needs of Americans, or whether we will need to revise the GNH metric to better suit our western sensibilities.

We will, of course, pass this information on to policy makers with the urging that policies be crafted based on genuine well-being, not just GDP measurements.

The great news is, now YOU can be part of this critical research! We have added a survey link to our website, and everyone is invited to respond. It is elegantly simple, and you can fill out the Serious About Happiness survey in just a few minutes. These are the same questions we ask on the Happiness Walk: what matters most to you in life?

Be part of history! Add your input to the “Serious About Happiness Survey” HERE.

Thank you!


  • Want to help transcribe? We’re looking for volunteers for this inspiring, detail-oriented work. Please email
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