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The Happiness Walk Makes Local Headlines


One of the goals of GNHUSA’s Happiness Walk is generating news coverage of not only the Walk but also of our broader organizational goals in towns and cities all along our route.  While we’ve learned that many individuals walk the United States for a wide variety of causes, editors and producers are often intrigued by the research nature of the walk and the aspirations of moving toward a GNH paradigm.  We’re thrilled with the coverage.  It provides an excellent platform for spreading the word about the potentiality of greater personal and systems happiness.

12002804_709459545854428_8483160893338246322_nThis Florida couple, for example, hurriedly pulled their car over to the side of the road and jumped out to meet us, exclaiming, “It’s the Happiness ladies! We saw you on television!” They then gave us a much-needed ride back to our motel, and shared moving stories with us about what matters most to them in life.

We’re more apt to get television coverage in smaller cities, but in Jacksonville, Florida we had12038558_710400469093669_8342934041631669751_n the good fortune to be featured on two nightly news broadcasts.  In fact, the Walk got pretty good coverage throughout the south, with the Lake City Reporter Editor even telling us he was kicking a story about the Pope off the front page to put us there instead.



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