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Tom Barefoot

Gratitude to Tom Barefoot as He Steps Off the GNHUSA Board

Tom Barefoot, co-founder of GNHUSA, announced on January 16th that the time had come for…

Intentional Investing

Intentional Investing and Happiness

Putting your money where your mind is We all feel happy when our investments make…

The Charter for Compassion Needs You — or at Least, Your Picture!

What does compassion look like? Or more specifically, who does compassion look like?  Is it you?…

A Happiness Walk Host Reflects on the Importance of the Happiness Movement

By Lance Chilton We’re all used to seeing everything ranked – a news magazine has…


While the election is over, IT’S not over

The election result is actually a reflection of a deep wound that exists now; a…

December 1st is Happiness Day in Las Vegas!

Great news from Lift Up Vegas! It may be easy to overlook the fact that…

B Corps

B Corps are changing the way we do business and our world

B Corps are changing the way we do business. Do you know the saying “You…

Well-being Economy: A Scenario for a Post-growth Horizontal Governance System

Introduction: A well-being economy? For the past half century, western societies have used a narrow…

Trust in Government is Essential to Happiness

Division in this country or lack of trust in government? This election has shone an…

Huge Gratitude to Linda Wheatley!

Tis the season for gratitude.  From a GNHUSA perspective, no one deserves our thanks --…

Happiness Studies: The Fuel for the Fire (or Why Happiness Studies Are Important to Understanding and Improving Society)

By Alice Vo Edwards I love numbers. Information that can be shared with numerical data…

An Update on the Inaugural World Happiness Summit

  On September 29, 2016, Live Happy published an interview with World Happiness Summit founder…


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