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The Happiness Walk Hits Mile 3,500!

Paula Francis
Thumbs up with GNHUSA treasure, co-founder, and chief walker, Paula Francis!

3,500 Miles and Counting

After a summer hiatus, the Happiness Walk – Leg 10 resumed in Santa Fe, NM on September 9th with the goal of reaching Santa Monica, CA by December 3rd. In Albuquerque, the Walk celebrated one full year – 365 non-consecutive days — of walking the happiness talk. A few days later, in Bernalillo, NM, the Walk reached 3,500 miles; by Santa Monica, the Walk will be more than halfway towards the final total of 8,000 miles.

Here’s another milestone: on October 5th, Happiness Walkers entered Arizona, the 18th state visited so far (plus Quebec and D.C.). Along the way, the diversity of geography has been balanced by the deep commonality of the thousands of recorded happiness interviews (which will be transcribed and analyzed). There have been countless adventures, from digging for arrowheads in the wilds of Florida’s backwoods to spending a few days in Pie Town, NM, home of – you guessed it – many pies! Here’s another measurement: so far more than 50 people have joined lead walker Paula Francis; together, they traverse backroads and highways, all the while intrepidly asking people from all walks of life what matters most in life. This is an inclusive project!

If you know anyone along the route willing to host, offer support, organize media or events, or if you care to join the walk for an hour, a day or more then contact email Paula directly Get the most recent updates on Facebook and Instagram, follow her travels and hear what people have to share.

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